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Here you will soon find the latest news and interesting news about the Hotel Knoblauch in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance.

inner equilibrium inner balance

Recharge your batteries outdoors, in our sauna garden with its natural pool and sunbathing lawn. Ayurvedic and physiotherapeutic massages help you gain new energy.

The wellness counter with fresh fruit and a complimentary range of teas is just the right thing to round off your wellness programme. You can do something for your body in the fitness room with modern cardio equipment, a power station and a weight bench.


Outdoor Area

Sunbathe on our lawn

Sunbathe on our lawn. Whether you enjoy the natural surroundings, freshen up in the natural pool or prefer to read a good book in a beach chair, in all cases it will contribute to your sense of well-being.



Our light and airy fitness room with a view of the greenery

Our light and airy fitness room with a view of the greenery is equipped with modern cardio equipment – elliptical trainers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, treadmills – with a multi-functional power station and a weight bench. A large TV screen provides entertainment  – and off you go!


Sauna Landscape

Large sauna landscape according to the principles of Feng Shui

The large sauna landscape according to the principles of Feng Shui with a Finnish sauna, sanarium, heat bench, multi-sensory showers and rest area offers you a varied wellness experience. After the treatments, you can thoroughly relax in the rocking loungers. Here you can »lie low« and quickly forget everyday stress.

Charge for bathrobe 
4 €


Physio-therapeutic massages

Let yourself be pampered

These therapies are carried out by Bernd Leichtle, a state registered physiotherapist and manual therapist with many years of professional experience and various additional training qualifications.

Foot reflexology – Asian technique:

Influence is exerted on the whole body via zones on the feet:

45 Minutes
55 €

»Free back«

A combination of massage, mobilisation, manual therapy and stretching: relieves, relaxes and frees your back:

50 Minutes
64 €


A back massage followed up by foot reflexology ensures deep relaxation and clear your head! Helps in cases of sleep disorders, tension, pain:

50 Minutes
64 €

Shoulder-neck-nack massage

30 Minutes
35 €

Headache / migraine treatment

30 Minutes
35 €

Major massage

Shoulder-arms-neck-back & legs:

50 Minutes
64 €


Ayurvedic and hawaiian massages

have a balancing, harmonious effect...

Our relaxation trainer and massage therapist Sonja Bühler ( received training in »ayurvedic massage« in India. 

Full body massage (Abhyanga)

A soft, gentle massage, applied with fluid movements. You are treated with warm, naturally pure oils. The blends of oils are assigned to the various bodily systems and doshas (types of constitution). Ahyanga has a harmonising, strengthening effect, it improves micro-circulation and lymph circulation, stimulates self-healing powers, supplies fresh energy and calms the nervous system. The skin becomes soft and smooth.

90 Minutes
105 €

Lomi Lomi Nui

This traditional massage is surely the best form of all oil massages, as warm fragrant oil is spread in wavelike strokes all over the body and massaged in. A rhythmic series of movements is produced (accompanied by the sounds of Hawaiian music). A combination of massage, ritual and energetic work on the body. Look forward to this deep relaxation, which allows you to forget about everyday life.

90 Minutes
105 €

Hot Stone Massage

On the one hand, stones heated in a water bath are placed on the energy centres of the body (chakras). On the other hand, stubborn tensions and blockades are relieved by selective massage strokes and the application of punctual pressure. The warm oil and the subtle fragrance restore a sense of harmony and inner balance.

90 Minutes
105 €


Indoor pool

Fell like a fish in water...

You will be delighted by our 11 x 6 m large indoor pool with bubble loungers and a sophisticated lighting scenario. Along the back-lit glass wall, a shoal of fish swims to and fro, ingeniously staged with modern lighting technology. Green jade slate surrounds the water area and provides a warm atmosphere. The water temperature is a pleasant 28.5 °C.


Entspannung pur

mit unserer Heilpraktikerin

Genießen Sie eine entspannende Behandlung bei unserer Heilpraktikertin und Ayurveda-Therapeutin Silvia Fischer. Bei der Behandlung werden hochwertige ayurvedische Öle verwendet, die in einem speziellen Verfahren veredelt werden.

Tibetische Rückenmassage

Sanfte Streichungen in Form einer liegenden 8 bringen Körper und Geist in einen sehr ruhigen Zustand.

30 Min. 35 €


Herrlich beruhigende Weihrauch- oder Thymian-Ohrkerzen mobilisieren die Lebensenergie.

40 Min. 48 €


Eine anregende belebende Ganzkörper-Massage mit Rohseiden-Handschuhen.

45 Min. 55 €


Eine Wärmebehandlung mit absoluter Entspannung. Der Körper wird mit vorgewärmten Ölen eingesalbt und mit Stempelsäckchen massiert. 

45 Min. 55 €


Eine sehr angenehme spezielle Ganzkörper-Massage mit warmen Ölen und leichtem Druck auf bestimmte Vitalpunkte. Sie verhilft zur Tiefenentspannung und steigert die Vitalität.

60 Min. 78 €

Atlantisches Geheimnis

Die Ganzkörper-Peelingmassage aus Ölen in Verbindung mit Meersalzen wirkt vitalisierend, regt den Stoffwechsel an und hilft bei Übergewicht.

60 Min. 82 €

Platzhalter Sport-Wellness